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Fear of Cyber Attack in America

The officials and authorities of the United States are yet again tensed due to fear of the Cyber Attack in the coming elections.

The elections concerned will take place in the month of November which will be for electing the President.

The most horrible aspect of the Cyber attack is that it will intentionally hamper the election procedure and may hinder citizens from voting. The reports say that the chances of the attack from a whimsical criminal are comparatively more than from a foreign government.

The different conspiracies take wind as the elections approach.

In the elections of 2016, The Russian agencies were believed to be involved in creating chaos in the Election procedure at cyber stages, and news scattered like fire that time.

The officials are on alert, the investigation was also carried out on the same issue but due to unavailability of the proofs, the inquiry was shut down.

The elections 2019 are the matter of interest of the entire world as it shall directly influence the Global Diplomacy and Relations.

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