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Find out for what reason a Delhi based couple murdered their niece!

By Manisha Jangir

In Delhi's Tahirpur a couple allegedly murdered their niece and stuffed the body inside a bed box. After murdering the 17 year old girl, they cleaned the spot and slept on the bed where they had hidden the body of the teenager. The incident highlighted when the neighbours noticed that the house was locked from outside and it was emanating a foul smell.

The accused who works as a rickshaw puller had been making inappropriate advances at the teenager but she objected to him. His wife was aware of this and asked the girl to go back to her village. But the teenager wanted to stay in Delhi to pursue her studies. As the girl refused to leave the house, the differences between the couple increased and they started arguing. One day when they both were arguing the woman asked the man to murder her neice. Following which the man hit the teenager's head with an iron rod.

After two days the locals alerted the Police as the body started emanating smell. The police opened the door and found the dead body in the bed box. The woman was living at her neighbours house during this time and she told the police that her husband left her in an orphanage. The police tried to locate him but failed. Some neighbours informed the Police that he had tried to force himself on the girl. Then the Police arrested the accused from a bus stand in Madhepura and he revealed the role of his wife in the whole crime.

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