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First suspect of COVID-19 found in North Korea, Emergency

A person in North Korea is found to be suspect of being positive to Coronavirus. Dictator Kim Jong-Un has declared an emergency in the city of Kaesong suspect was found.

If found positive, the case would be the very first of the country of Coronavirus. North Korea has been continuously bound on the statement of being COVID-19 free.

KCMA (North Korean News Agency) told that the suspect was found showing the symptoms of COVID-19. The people who had been in his contact are being isolated.

KCMA also told that the suspect is a fugitive of N. Korea and had run away 3 years back to South Korea. On July 19th, he came back by unfair means from the border.

The city of Kaesong is completely shut down. The city is near the boundary line of South Korea.

An emergency meeting was also called out by Kim Jong-Un with the officials, in which later on the decision to shut down the city was taken.

Experts believe this news could also be a strategic and diplomatic stunt by North Korea to defame South Korea and to prevent the runaways of North Koreans to S. Korea.

The news has instantly dragged the eyeballs of other nations as it involved the South Korean instinct to it.

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