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Five Children Thrown Off the Terrace by a Woman with no absolute vendetta!

By Neha Mallick

An incident in Sahebganj, Jharkhand takes place where a woman tosses five little kids from the terrace. Two among the victims are severely injured. The children were thrown off from a bi-level house. The incident took place on 1st November, Sunday's evening.

At around 7 pm of 1st November, Sunday evening, a dreadful occurrence took place in Sahebganj, Jharkhand when a woman supposedly threw off five kids from the terrace of a bi-level house. The above incident took place when ten kids were watching TV in Bihari Lal Mandal Bhavan. According to the residents nearby, it was claimed that the woman carried the children to the top of the building for some purpose and later took turns to push each one of them down the terrace.

Amongst the five children who were attacked, two are severely injured. A man namely Budhan Mandal who attempted to protect the kids has also undergone some sufferings. The Police Department has not yet found any particular motive of the woman behind this heinous crime. However, it has been determined that the woman isn't stable mentally for quite some time. For inquiry, the woman has been called upon to the Sadar Police Station. The families of the sufferers have not yet lodged any complaints against the woman.

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