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Food or food packaging doesn't spread the virus

By Ishika Sahni

On 27th August the World Health Organization declared that food or food packaging is not evidence of speeding Coronavirus and people will not be scared of food or packaging from now. This was declared by WHO in Geneva.

"Chain had tested hundreds and thousands of packages and found very few proving positive for the virus," said WHO epidemiologist Maria Van keekhove. Ecuador's production minister told Reuters that the country maintains strict protocols and cannot be responsible for whatever happens to goods after they leave the country. According to Reuters results, more than 20.69 million people have been reported positive and 750,000 died.

Russian President Putin said Russia had become the primary country to grant regular approval for COVID19 vaccine. WHO senior advisor, Bruce Aylward said The WHO does not have enough information to make a judgment on the expanded use of Russian vaccines. So people are now free to eat street food or can also make home delivery of food.

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