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For Delay In Payment For Rent, Woman Gets Attacked By Her Landlord!

By Neha Mallick

A landlord stabbed her renter for she was delaying the payment of a rental fee of an amount of 24,000 rupees during the lockdown.

A woman in Bengaluru was supposedly stabbed by her landlord for the justification that she was just delaying to pay her rent! The landlord utilized a knife to injure the sufferer on her neck and her hands. After the case came under attention, the lady was arrested.

The sufferer namely R Poornima and her husband Ravichandra had stayed for over a year at K Mahalakshmi’s house as tenants. The indicted woman is an inhabitant of Laggere’s Maruthi Nagar. The couple paid in advance an amount of 65,000 rupees.

The injured woman is a housewife and her husband is a worker in a limited liability company. As mentioned, the couple had already paid an advance of 65,000 rupees and used to pay 6,000 rupees, monthly. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, Ravichandra forfeited his employment and was hence unable to keep up the payment of their rent for almost four months.

The landlord, K Mahalakshmi reached Poornima’s leased concession and started having a heated argument with her. Later found, the landlord invested the money in chit funding.The couple pleaded for another month’s time to the landlord.

However, K Mahalakshmi didn't agree to it and continued the argument. The accused denied leaving the place without getting paid with the rent fare. When asked to reduce the amount from the advance payment done by the couple, the woman claimed that she invested that money in chit funding. When the renter tried to make the accused understand about their financial situation, the woman hesitated and instantly ambushed her with a knife with which she stabbed her neck.

During this, Ravichandra tried to interfere and dodge the attack made by the accused woman but she managed to get away with it and escaped. Later, the Police caught the indicted woman and she was taken to a restoration centre for women.

The indicted woman was put behind bars on 31st of October, Saturday and she was booked undercharge, the attempt to murder for her criminal offences. The accused woman was soon under Police custody.

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