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For pro-Trump rally, Hundreds gather near Portland

By Suvan Bose

On Monday afternoon, Hundreds of people gathered in a small town south of Portland for a pro-President Donald Trump vehicle rally — just after a week a member of a far-right group was critically shot following a Trump caravan that went through Oregon’s largest city.

Afterwards, pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters conflicted at Oregon’s Capital. Police in Salem apprehended people, but it wasn’t instantly known how many.

Vehicles waving flags for Trump, the QAnon conspiracy theory and in support of police gathered around noon at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City.

The rally’s organizers told that they would drive on the way to the state capital, Salem, and most of them left the caravan before that. A smaller group of members of the right-wing group the Proud Boys went on to Salem, where a crowd of various dozen pro-Trump supporters had gathered.

At one point Monday afternoon, the right-wing crowd hasted a minor group of Black Lives Matters counter-demonstrators, shooting paint-gun pellets at them.

There were skirmishes, and the Black Lives Matter group scattered. Soon after, Salem Police arrived on the scene.

Organizers of the earlier vehicle rally told that they did not plan to arrive at Multnomah County, where Portland is situated. Oregon City is around 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Portland.

On Aug. 29, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, was slaughtered in Portland following a pro-Trump caravan went downtown. Trump supporters fired paintball canisters at counter-demonstrators, who attempted to block their way.

On Thursday Danielson’s suspected murderer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, was critically shot by police. Reinoehl was a supporter of Antifa — writer for anti-fascists and an umbrella depiction for far-left- inclining militant groups.

In late May presentation in Portland began following the police murdering of George Floyd in Minneapolis and has carried on for more than 100 days.

A fire began outside a police district on Portland’s north side followed by about 15 arrests at the time of protests Sunday night into Monday morning, said by the police.

Protesters protesting police atrocity started marching around 9 p.m. Sunday and stopped at the North Precinct Community Policing Center, the spot of various volatile protests in current months.

Officials cautioned protesters against arrival at the precinct property, saying that they would be trespassing and subject to arrest.

Maximum of those arrested was from Portland. Rest was from Sacramento; San Francisco, California; Arizona, Mesa; and two from Vancouver, Washington.

Charges involved interfering with an officer, reckless burning, resisting arrest and possession of a devastating device.

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