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For shocking reasons, Three Transgenders Arrested! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

On denying to pay three transgenders who were abusing money on the streets, a man was chased down by them and brutally hit with a pantofle, in the city of Bengaluru.

In the city of Bengaluru, the Police held captive three transgenders on account of disruption they caused a man as they asked him for money while they were begging on the streets and on being refused to, they chased him down and brutally hit him with pantofle slippers. According to the Police sources, the man was in the middle of his morning stroll when this incident took place. It was during his walk when he crossed paths with one of the transgenders summoned who asked him for money. To which, the man simply chose to take no notice of and walked away. Later, the indicted transgender started misbehaving with the man through verbal means and jeered at him. Reports suggest that there were some physical actions involved as well. Then, the man was chased down the street by the accused, accompanied by two fellow transgenders, who even hit him with slippers.

According to the suggestions of the Reports submitted, the man was chased for a distance of about one kilometre down the street and then he was hit with slippers by the three transgenders. The man was verbally abused as well. He was physically hurt by being brutally hit with the slippers by the transgenders and even given a hard time by the indicted transsexuals when they jibed at him and passed abusive and mean comments and taunts at him. The Police Inspector from Konanakunte Police Station, Bengaluru, stated that “There was a verbal argument as the individual did not want to pay. Both parties pushed each other. We have arrested the 3 transgenders in the case and an investigation is underway.”

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