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For what reason a woman hired contract killers to kill her own son-in-law!

By Manisha Jangir

In Agra, a woman has been arrested for killing her son-in-law with the help of three contract killers. According to the sources Mamta Pawar and her mother Shimla Panwar together earned property worth in crores. After Mamta’s death her husband Kapil Panwar wanted that property to be transferred in his name but Shimla was against his opinion.

According to the information, she hired three men Rahul, Jeetu and Anwar to kill Kapil Panwar. Bablu Kumar, SSP Agra said that they first drugged the victim by mixing sleeping pills. Then by using the seat belt of his, they strangulated him. The three have been arrested.

The body of the deceased was disposed of in the Bharthana canal. During investigation Jeetu yadav’s number has been revealed in Kapil’s call details. When Jeetu’s number was dialled it was switched off but on 26 October it showed the location near Kapil’s house. Later through CCTV footage it was confirmed that the three accused went to Kapil's house.

The woman, Shimla Panwar confirmed the crime while interrogation. The Victim was an advocate and resident of Hapur district. He was missing since October 26 and his body was found in Bharthana Canal on 27 October. The accused, Shimla Panwar said that she never accepted Kapil as her son in law as he was from another caste. But her daughter married him out of her will and she died in the year 2019.

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