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France v/s Muslims? Know the root cause of “boycott France”.

By Anwesha Dash

Muslims all over the world are enraged at the French President, Emmanuel Macron, over his “anti-Islam” remarks and actions.

Cold War 2020, many people predicted would happen between America and China, some said between India and China and others forecasted between some other countries. But no one saw it forthcoming that the next "war" will be between Muslims and France. The European nation known for its beauty and delicacies has been labeled as the ringleader of the Islamophobic world. Rallies and protests both inside and outside the country over remarks of some of the highest authorities have been on the rise. Let's take a look at where exactly this crisis emerged.

On October 16, a French teacher was beheaded by an 18 years old extremist, who was also his student, for showing the caricature of Prophet Muhammad in history class, committing the ultimate "blasphemy". The killer was shot by the police. Even though the murderer was brought down, the French citizens took to the streets to call for the need for "freedom of speech" in a democracy and against the radicalization of Islam.

Thousands of protestors with placards reading "I, Samuel Paty" asked for a stop to religious extremism. This wasn't also the first time that France had suffered because of Islamic extremism. Charlie Hebdo a satirical magazine’s office had also been under attack by terrorists for publishing "anti-Islam" cartoons a few years ago. The attack had enraged the French citizens and protests had been held back then too.

But this time the situation is more grievous. Even Emmanuel Macron felt the need to speak for freedom of speech and condemn Islamists publicly. He also made remarks on the radicalization of the dogmas of the religion. As a sign of free speech, he approved of airing Charlie Hebdo's controversial cartoons publicly.

After these actions, the Muslim world united against France as one and started rallies and violent protests against the European nation. Effigies of Macron were burnt in Pakistan, "boycott France" campaign held in Bangladesh, photos of Macron pasted on roads in India for everyone to walk over it, Indonesian Islamic organization called for Macrons beheading, attack on guard in front of the French consulate in Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, seems to be at the forefront of it all.

This year there were a few frictions detected between Turkey and France, but after the whole Islam rhetoric from Macron, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the self-appointed messiah of the modern-day Muslim world, it seems has completely denounced the other nation, and has been adding fuel to the anti-France fire with his statements that the French leader has lost his way and should get his head checked for condoning the display of Prophet Mohammad's cartoons.

Even with all the hate, Macron has not backed down from his statements. Instead after another round of attacks on innocents that killed 3 people and another beheading in the Nice church by an extremist, he is more adamant than ever over his views on Islamists. Now after a terrorist attack in Vienna in Austria, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has also expressed her support to France and Macron, and said that "Islamist terror" is the "common enemy" of Germany, France, and Austria.

Other non-muslim leaders have condemned both the beheadings and Nice church attack but have not commented on Macron's statements, except for Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, who very diplomatically said that free speech, if it offends people "should be limited", and that might be the best advice as of yet, given the current circumstances.

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