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From favourites to consecutive losses know these teams IPL journey!

By S Sai Jagannath

IPL can be described however you wish within terms of excitement and thrill but occasionally it struck everyone's mind that how strange this tournament gets as it progresses. Table-toppers fail to qualify, teams win 5-6 matches in a row and end up playing in finals winning titles. Team's score below-par scores and still defend those totals with mind-blowing bowling performances. This year is no different when it comes to the list of strange things.

RCB and DC had a dream start to their campaign with ample wins in their pockets. With 5 wins in 7 games and 6 wins in 7 games, Bangalore and Delhi were almost sure to make it to the playoffs. Their performance was so sheer and dominant that even the biggest cricket fans and experts penned them down as favourites, I wrote several articles about how their team balance has been better than the rest and how can they perform in the future but I've also written that big matches and pressure matches will test these two teams and they've proved the fact that pressure matches are not their cup of tea.

RCB and DD once table-toppers have now lost 3 and 4 consecutive matches respectively. Although they stand in the top 4 they've narrowed down their chances significantly and now their selection rests upon the mercy of Mumbai's win. They both have 14 points with a net run rate almost close to each other. Their last match is against each other and the winner shall qualify for playoffs. While there are 3 more teams with the probability of achieving 14 points the net run rate becomes the biggest issue. RR vs KKR will decide a winner who shall have 14 points, KXIP is out of the contest along with CSK and SRH vs MI will be important as SRH has a positive and considerably high net run rate which will do the job for SRH only if they win. If SRH loses then DC or RCB and the winner from KKR vs RR contest will be checked with the net run rate, the team who has the highest net run rate will qualify for the playoffs. This article shows how complicated DC and RCB have made their qualification. Even though these teams qualify I think they will lack to perform in the playoffs due to extreme pressure and the remaining two teams will easily dominate them. But again this is IPL and it's 2020 and we won't be surprised for sure if anything strange happens.

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