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From January 2021, India will have its first Israeli 'Water Attache', details inside!

By Priti Kumari

NEW DELHI: Cementing the Indo-Israel bilateral ties, Israel will soon bestow India with the best practices & technologies for advancing water management & agriculture, by generating an incumbency of 'Water Attache' in its Israeli Embassy from January 2021, said Israel Ambassador to India, Ron Malka. Deepening its presence in the North-Eastern region of India, Israel will soon nominate an honorary consul in the region.

The Israeli Ambassador has confirmed that the 'Water Attache' will amalgamate with the 'Agriculture Attache' who has been working in India for many years & they will jointly go to the Centres of Excellence(CoE) for agriculture, established to fetch India with technology & systems in water management & agriculture. He stated that just within the time frame of 1 year, nearly 1.5 lakh farmers have been trained in the 29 Centres of Excellence, disseminated in the twelve states of India.

Calling Israel as the perfect match for India's post-COVID water management obstacles, he asserted, "India & Israel have a strategic partnership in water management. This is one of the main pillars, we are collaborating on because we understand & realise that water is one of the biggest challenges in India post-COVID". He also highlighted the flagship 'Bundelkhand Water Management' project signed in August this year, to make the UP's Bundelkhand region water-prosperous.

Applauding the built 'Jal Shakti Ministry', he said, "We are working very closely on water-related matters with both the federal government and the states. We congratulate India on reforms in the water sector and concentrating all the authority in the Jal Shakti Ministry".

Apart from this Ron Malka also talked about the affable friendship between the Indian PM Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu." Besides, the place that we have now reached is much beyond any particular individual or any party or any political developments because now our relationship is people to people," he added. When asked about, if the defence remained the main glue of Indo-Israeli ties, he responded, "Defence & Security might have been the main glue earlier, but it is just one of the many now as the partnership between the two countries has deepened & expanded to several sectors & several areas".

An Attache` refers to a person who is attached to the diplomatic staff under the authority of an ambassador. For instance, Water Attache`, Agriculture Attache`, Military Attache` and so on.

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