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Fully restore vision in blind people by bionic eye, know more

By Ishika Sahni

Around the world, scientists are researching to find a cure for people suffering from blindness. Many bionic solutions have been found but that are not able to help the blind people on a large scale, but now Australian University develops the first Bionic eye to fully restore vision in blind people.

A team from Monash University claims that they have developed a system from which blind people will be able to see, so the first bionic eye is developed. The bionic eye is dubbed ‘Generis bionic vision system’ which has been developing for nearly a decade. It operates by bypassing damaged optic nerves when it allows the signal to be transmitted from the retina to the vision centre of the brain. A user has to wear custom-designed headgear in which there are cameras and wireless transmitters.

Researchers are now trying to advance their system for neurological conditions. The MVG team will also focus on new commercial enterprises that focus on providing a vision to untreatable blindness and also treat the paralysed people. From this system light will go to the tunnel for those who have lost their vision and then they will be able to see the things through their bionic eyes. Researchers are preparing for the next level up to clinical trial.

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