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Fuming wildfires roared through California destroying Washington Town

By Ritika Nath

The unrestrained California wildfires which were driven by fierce winds and abnormal temperatures, raged across the western side of the United States on Tuesday, incinerating Malden’s Washington Town and frightening the communities in Oregon and California.

The search process has been going on since Tuesday led by the firefighters and emergency responders to find the residents of tiny Malden, about 300 miles which are 480 kilometres east of Seattle, a day after the firestorm burned and demolished approximately 80% of its houses, including the fire station, post office, library and the city hall.

Brett Myers, the sheriff of Whitman County said in a report that everyone was in shock because of the havoc and that even words cannot explain the amount of damage this disaster brought in the small town where not more than 300 people have their settlements.

The wildfire which damaged the small town Malden, erupted at around Sunday afternoon, driven by fierce winds at about 40 miles per hour, as stated in the Reuters report.

Respective authorities went door to door ordering everyone to evacuate the premises before the blaze hit the town. The wildfire swallowed up the majority of the town within the course of three hours.

The Sheriff also stated, “It moved incredibly fast.”

This California fire was one of the largest blazes which burned Washington, Oregon and California, all three over the Labor Day holiday weekend, as the thermometer soared. The temperatures in the western side of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley also topped 121 degrees Fahrenheit which is 49 degree Celsius.

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom commented that he has zero patience for those who deny on climate changes, pointing to the direction of receding high temperatures and the drought which occurred over the years killed millions of trees, providing for fuel for fires.

The Governor also stated, “It simply is completely inconsistent.....with the reality on the ground.”

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