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Girl Abandoned On Street, Know What Her Father Did To Her!

By Neha Mallick

A man from Chhattisgarh sold his daughter when she was 16-years-old for three thousand rupees, and later the daughter was abandoned on the street when she got pregnant.

A dreadful incident took place in the city of Raigarh, of Chhattisgarh District where a man traded his daughter who was only 16-years-old for three thousand rupees to a man of age around 21-years-old. Turns out, the girl was abandoned after the man got her pregnant. When found, the girl was in such a distressing situation that it almost took her 5 months of consulting therapy to finally speak about her traumatising experience. At present, the girl is 18-years-old and has finally gathered up her courage to talk about her rapist. The indicted man and his father are on the loose currently. According to a report, “The girl was sold by her father for Rs 3,000 when she was 16. The man who bought her promised to give her work at his house but instead went on to sexually torture her for months. As the victim got pregnant, she was abandoned on the street.” Without having anything to eat or any valuables to survive on, the girl had to starve on the streets whilst she was conceiving.

In May 2020, she was finally found and provided help by the officials of women and the child welfare department at the right time. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, nobody approached her earlier to help in fear of getting infected. Although, she was assisted right on time of her delivery and gave birth to a child in good health. She was served at a hospital in Bilaspur. The previous month, she was moved to "Sakhi" centre in Raigarh. According to the reports, the Raigarh SP Santosh Singh stated that "The girl's ordeal began when her mother died. She was later given away to a man for Rs 3,000". As promised to the girl’s father, the man was supposed to provide her work at his home as a housemaid but physically abused her instead. She faced carnal abuse to such an extent that she had no sense of when they got rid of her. She needed special consulting therapy for about 5 months to speak about her trauma. As reported, the Police bespoke the indicted man under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.