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Google Play Music is shutting down for users. Know how to use it’s alternative!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Google Play Music, a popular music streaming application by Google is shutting down officially Google. Google has announced the shutdown of Google Play Music as they want to focus on only one Music Streaming application that is their YouTube Music application.

It was the year 2011 when Google launched its first Music Streaming Application which later got a lot of popularity. This application not only allowed the users to play music online directly through the internet but also users could download songs as well as play the songs which were already downloaded in the mobile’s memory as local songs. According to the recent announcement by Google, Google Play Music will be completely removed by the year ending of 2020. Both Play Store as well as the Apple App Store will also remove this application from the list.

Now the existing users of the Google Play Music application will be able to use the features of Google Play Music on another Official Application by Google that is their YouTube Play Music, that was recently properly developed. All the data as well as the Playlists that present in Google Play Music will be now transferred and now will be available in YouTube Play Music.

Due to the presence of two different platforms for Online Music Streaming, it was becoming difficult for Google to handle both the servers. So they decided to switch one server that is YouTube Play Music and then all the servers of Google Play Music will be transferred to YouTube Play Music. Now users will be able to get every feature that was available in Google Play Music in YouTube Play Music, and also the unique features that were already available in YouTube Play Music. Google is also planning to add more exciting features in YouTube Play Music to attract the users that will get them more traffic.

The process of removing Google Play Music was already started in August 2020, and now it is official that it will be unavailable from the beginning of 2021. Currently, users from New Zealand as well as South Africa have already got the official announcement that they will be unable to access Google Play Music from now onwards. Google has provided now a time of two months for the users in India to back up their Data and music subscriptions if they had opted for any.

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