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Google will teach Hindi & English to Primary Kids

The Internet giant Google has come up with one of the most prominent schemes for the primary education of students in India. Through this more than a lakh of students should be trained the languages of Hindi and English in Uttar Pradesh's Rural Centred Areas. For the same, Basic Shiksha Parishad has partnered with Google to enhance and educate the primary level students about the languages. Google launched an Application with the name ‘Read-Along Application', This application will provide better knowledge of Hindi & English languages along with the correct pronunciation.

All the groups of government teachers are being trained online in order to make them familiar with the application. Under this training program, more than a half-million teachers are being trained. The teachers are also directed to appeal to all the parents associated with their respective schools to install the same app so that the tuition learning of the students could start on 30th July.

This partnership will bring future endeavors to the Indian Education System by Google. Google being #1 company in IT shall provide the best education possible.

This system is beneficial one another way for India since Hindi will be more emphasized upon.

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