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Gurugram District Court's summon to Chinese business tycoon.

Jack Ma who is considered one of the richest Chinese industrialists has been sent a summon from the District High Court of Gurugram, Haryana. Another summons has been sent to his company Ali Baba. The summon has been sent after one of the Indian citizens was abruptly fired from his job at Alibaba. The victim has said that he raised his voice over fake news that was being aired at the company's app post which he was relieved from his job in the company. This made him lose his stability and thus he took the support of the legal system to get justice.

Such a case is a matter of attraction in the time when Indo-China diplomacy is at peak. India has already banned 59 China made Mobile Phone Apps which projected a strong strategy. Among these 59 Apps, Ali baba is one of them.

The person filing the complaint (former employee) told that the court that UC Browser and UC News platforms publish the fake and violent news in order to catalyze Social and Political Instability and cause a gulf in perspectives.

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