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Haj Pilgrimage Starts

The Haj Pilgrimage has started in the holy city of Mecca. After a period of 14 days of isolation, the pilgrims have started arriving at the pilgrimage of Haj. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, certain restrictions have been imposed strictly. The number of pilgrims has been kept limited. In a group, not more than 20 people can travel. The compulsion of Masks is there for each and every pilgrim.

The pilgrims were seen following strict Social Distancing. All the formalities are being taken good care of.

The pilgrims are eating packed food.

The Holy City of Mecca and Haj Pilgrimage is a very significant place for all the Shia and Sunni Muslims around the world. More than 2.5 million people travel Mecca for the pilgrimage per year

Saudi Arabia is displaying a great foundation image of management in such a heavy time of the pandemic.

This may set an example for other countries too, to open religious places and other destinations for the public by taking valid and crucial precautions.

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