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Hema Malini's view on drug abuse in the industry

By Ritika Ray

On Tuesday, Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan gave a speech at Rajya Sabha on those who are tarnishing the film Industry.

Many famous Bollywood celebrities have joined together to raise their voice against the people who are blaming the industry on drug abuse. Among the famous actors, Hema Malini also raised her voice in this matter. She said that drug addiction is everywhere, and she sees no point in why people are targeting only Bollywood. Hema Malini also said that insulting the whole industry was unacceptable.

She accepted and agreed with what Ravi Kishan said, that youngsters are into drugs but she also stated that the whole industry should come together as a family and raise their voices against such accusations.

Hema Malini is a cultural ambassador and she said that people from all over the world come and research on the film industry. Some people are damaging the reputation of Bollywood, which she feels is not acceptable at all. She feels that Jaya Bachchan misinterpreted the statements made by Ravi Kishan, his purpose was not to insult Bollywood, he just appreciated the NCB for their work.

Hema Malini also shared her disappointment with the news channels who are trying to portray Bollywood in a bad light. According to her, drug use had already started a few years back. However, she would like the government to investigate and that there should be a regulation in the film industry so that the youngsters do not get into drugs.

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