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Here's what Lucas Bravo said about the lunch cliches in his Netflix series!

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Emily In Paris, the recent Netflix series whose director is Darren Star and the series casts Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Camille Razat as Camille, Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, and so on. The series was launched on the 2md of October 2020 and the hype about it hasn't gone down ever since.

The series Emily in Paris is solely situated in the city of Love a.k.a Paris. The series is full of cliches. The show is somewhere even criticized for how Paris was portrayed. The show creator Darren Star mentioned that I wanted to show Paris from the point of view of Emily Cooper and it is the exact portrayal of what she is seeing. When the actor Lucas Bravo who played Gabriel was asked about the cliches, he mentioned that for him, one of the cliches shown in the series was actually true that people in France really smoke after the gym. He also added that it is a very French phenomenon and he loved how Darren Star made it a part of the series. Darren has confirmed that if there is a Season-2, which is very much possible, Emily will have her feet on the ground slightly more. Lilly also mentioned that she'd be more than excited to go to Paris for the shoot of the next season.

The audience all over the world have loved this Comedy Drama Netflix series and are waiting for a season 2.

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