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High-Speed 4G Network On Moon! Know More!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Recently Nokia and NASA have come to a partnership of setting up 4G Network on Moon where Nokia won the contract worth $14.1 Million.

In this modern world, people are engaged in trying all-new 5G services even though it has not been properly established in every part of the World. Especially in India, most of the population uses 4G network and 2G Network is also often used by the rural people who use their feature phone. Even now, the preparations and discussions for the development of the 6G network have started even after the 5G Network in India is not established. But now there are discussions of setting up a 4G network on the moon after Nokia owned by HMD Global won a contract of worth 14.1 Million Dollars.

NASA is planning to send astronauts to the moon in the year 2024. For this reason, they want to create an easier mode for communication due to which they are planning to set up 4G networks on the moon. After Nokia won the contract, NASA and Nokia are planning to set up the network system on the Lunar surface of the moon. After the successful setup, the Astronauts will be able to use 4G fast internet service to communicate with the inhabitants present on the Earth.

A huge country like India has still not set up 5G networks within the boundaries of the country, but it is very astonishing news of realizing that NASA and Nokia are going to set up a 4G network on the surface of the Moon. It will be another huge achievement for human mankind as making it possible to set up 4G networks on the moon will be an extremely difficult task. NASA has kept a total budget of 370 Million Dollars' total budget to make this mission successful,from that Nokia has given out 14.1 Million Dollars, which is a very small part of the total budget.

Out of the other 14 American Companies, Nokia won the contract of establishing the 4G Network. It seems things that were unimaginable and dreams are coming into reality. Earlier there were talks regarding findings of water on the moon, then expectations of life on the Moon and now establishing a 4G Network on the Moon. After the successful setup of the 4G Network, it will be possible to click and post pictures on social media directly from the moon.

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