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Highest spike in the cases of COVID-19 in the world. Know what WHO had to say about this!

By Anwesha Dash

WHO alarmed at the high spike of corona cases especially in America and Europe, criticized herd immunity and called it problematic.

Since the identification of COVID-19 earlier this year the rate of spread of the virus has continuously oscillated. When one country recovers itself and tries to build up, another nation crumbles down and has to start from square one. Even more disconcerting is the fact that nations that had found their footing and had started to return to normalcy have been by a second wave of the morbid virus. This phenomenon is known as "pandemic fatigue", something that Europe is going through.

Almost all the European nations had been devastatingly hit by the virus when the outbreak first happened. But they were also the first nations to have, after much effort and restrictions kept the virus under control and moved on with their lives as before. But this has brought on the wrath of the disease again as Europe records the highest spike in cases followed closely by America. Even the ever unfazed World Health Organization had avowed their concern over the fluctuation. And has asked the people to "to look into the mirror" and introspect what it is that we can do.

The WHO head Dr. Tedros has also criticized herd immunity and called it "scientifically and ethically problematic" since herd immunity is possible to be provided for diseases like measles and polio by which once developed an immunity a person cannot be affected again. While a person infected and recovered from the coronavirus may have immunity but there's no evidence to hold over the exact longevity of the immunity as well as in many cases recovered patients had been found to have contracted the virus again.

Never in the history of disease outbreaks has herd immunity ever been implemented. And since herd immunity involves letting the virus spread out so that a large part of the population can be vaccinated it will be foolish to expose people to the coronavirus because on an average only 10% of a nation's population has been infected by it.

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