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Historic victory in New Zealand re-election. Read to know who won!

By Anwesha Dash

Jacinda Ardern, with 49% of total votes, secures her position as the prime minister of New Zealand.

The pandemic on a positive note showed the competency and capability of all world leaders. This drastic situation made it easy to bring forth a distinction between fascist regimes masquerading as democracies and proficient and caring leaders. Many countries that used to remain on the sidelines and out of the international limelight are now getting their due praise and applause. One such nation is New Zealand. Every international spectator has been in awe of the female leader, Jacinda Ardern, handling the country and a little envious of all the sincere citizens.

The prime minister of this island nation had been in continuous praise after New Zealand with apt policies and actions from the ruling party became completely coronavirus free. Even though several days later some cases emerged again the public and the authorities with combined efforts have again and again defeated the virus ever since. This put the country and especially PM Ardern in a positive limelight.

After this incident, several other actions of the government were identified that were in every way improving the lives of the public. Also again handling the Christchurch shooting and a volcanic eruption Ardern once again proved her worth. All of these combined not only alleviated the respect and praise of Ardern in New Zealand but from around the world as well. Therefore it’s not an astonishment that Jacinda Ardern’s Labor Party won bagging 49% of the total votes as compared to the opposition’s 27%.

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