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Homoeopathy and Indian systems of medicine bills get passed in LS

By Kunika Chaudhary

The monsoon session is taking place during the pandemic so the major issue which was discussed were regarding the health and medication. Homoeopathy and Indian systems of medicine bills get passed in LS on the first day of the session.

Monsoon session has started from Today i.e. 14 September 2020. As this session is happening during this crucial and hard time, everyone expects that maybe something related to health will be discussed. Everyone was right as the Homoeopath and Indian systems of the medical bill' which was passed in Rajya sabha in January 2019 got passed today in Lok Sabha house. The bills were presented with an idea to regulate different systems of medicine at the lines of the National Medical Commission Bill and to create a new body which will regulate homoeopathy in the country. Indian System of Medicine bill proposes the idea of a common entrance exam and an exit exam for all graduated students to get their license to practice Indian medicine.

As this whole session is being held during the pandemic, many precautions were taken carefully. About 24 MPs of Lok Sabha house were tested positive for COVID 19 so they were not allowed to join the session. As today's session was filled with talks on health, our Union health minister Dr. Harshvardhan congratulated Pm Modi in front of the house members and said that the lockdown prevented almost 29 lakh cases. He added that per million population India is facing 3,328 cases and 55 deaths, which is one of the lowest in the world if we compare to other countries which are affected similarly. Currently, the country has crossed 48 lakhs of Corona cases.

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