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Hong Kong reports it's the first case of Covid-19 re-infection.

By Ritika Nath

A man from Hong Kong, who got diagnosed with COVID-19 in April, was found re-infected again after returning from Spain on August 15 as said by the researchers of The University of Hong Kong on Monday.

The 33-year-old man who worked in the IT sector got recovered from COVID-19 in April but after four and a half months he was again tested positive for the virus after he returned from Spain via Britain. The health officials claimed that previously he had appeared to be healthy and his results came negative which was also accepted by the international clinical infectious diseases journal. But now the researchers are not sure whether the Hong Kong man was a “persistent carrier” of the virus which he contracted before. But to them, it seems like the virus which he contracted in April was different from the virus which he contracted in August.

The researchers said that “Many believe that COVID 19 patients have immunity against re-infection because most developed a serum neutralising antibody response. However, there is evidence that some patients have waning antibody level after a few months,” as reported by the RTHK news.

The finding does not mean taking vaccines will be useless,” as said by Dr Kai-Wang To, one of the leading authors of the paper, told Reuters. “Immunity induced by vaccination can be different from those induced by natural infection. We will need to wait for the results of the vaccine trials to see if how effective vaccines are,” as said by Dr Kai-Wang To.

There have been cases coming up from the mainland of China about the re-infection of COVID-19, so it has raised the fear of re-infection worldwide. People who got recovered and got discharged from the hospitals they again tested positive for the virus. But the only difference from this case was that the health officials were not sure whether they were fully recovered or not, at the time of the initial infection and they still must have the virus in their body, so they got re-infected again. But the surprising fact was, this Hong Kong man was fully recovered and had no signs of the virus after the recovery, then how come he got infected again with a set of different type of the Coronavirus.

The researches came up with one logical explanation which was the virus must have still existed in the lungs of the infected that's why it was not detected when the test was taken after the initial recovery. The other possibilities might be the low sensitivity of the tests and weak immunity of the infected which could have led to re contraction of the virus.

The total number of COVID-19 cases at this point has crossed over 23 million. So the cases of re-infection are scaring all the citizens worldwide. The only possible solution right at this moment is if we still follow all the protocols seriously.

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