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"Hope your parents die of AIDS", Ben Stokes encounters some inhuman messages on Instagram.

By S Sai Jagannath

Over the past few years, the internet has become the epicentre to spread hate and violence, and the common targets are mostly celebrities, sports personalities and models. Ben Stokes who plays for England as an all-rounder is one of their most important players regardless of any format. Ben Stokes has been performing quite extraordinarily from the past couple of years. His numbers are exceptional and his popularity has grown over the period, thus making him the centre of attention for cricket fans around the world.

Ben stokes has an active Instagram handle with 1.5 million followers where he shares about his ventures related to cricket. But hate found its way through and it was only this week where Ben Stokes received a couple of inhuman and harsh messages from a person where he wrote a lot of thick-skinned and heartless comments about him and his family.

The person wrote "hope your parents die of aids" to which he added "I hope you jump off a building high enough that you hurt yourself severely but not kill, and then you become disabled stuck to a wheelchair and your whole family dies" these comments were made to him through his DM and were sensitive. Ben Stokes took its screenshot and shared it on his Instagram handle a few days ago writing an emotional statement saying "Some of the stuff you get sent is just pathetic" in which he also tagged the person who had sent these messages.

After Ben Stokes shared this horrific incident, cricket fans from all over the world raised an issue stating how these messages can hurt a person and how the internet is continuously becoming a place for hatred and abomination.

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