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Hostages were taken and students were killed in this war-torn country's University!

By Anwesha Dash

Armed men storm inside Kabul University of Afghanistan, have killed 22 people so far and taken other hostages.

As a war-torn country, Afghanistan has seen more than its fair share of terror and devastation in the country, both from internal and external forces. Frequent bomb-blasts, proxy wars, militant activities, etc have made the country rank 1st in the list of most dangerous countries to live in. In another such horrifying incident, gunmen have infiltrated the Kabul University and taken hostages there. 22 casualties on the side of the innocents have been reported. An official has said that there were 3 attackers involved.

Students described that around 11 AM a suicide bomber blew up himself inside the campus with explosives. The other 2 gunmen started firing which made the scared students run around amuck for safety, some even tried to scale the walls to be on the other side. Horrifying pictures shared on social media show bodies of students lying in the classrooms in a bloody mess. A student said that they were taken hostages for 2 hours before being rescued.

The other 2 gunmen have been brought down by the security forces. No terror group has yet claimed the attack. The investigation is underway, and the officials are also trying to find out how the attackers managed to bring the weapons inside the campus.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh has blamed the Taliban and their supporters in Pakistan, but the Taliban do not claim this attack. Another minister attested that this attack happened just hours before officials were said to arrive at the University for a book fair. The President of the nation, Ashraf Ghani has vowed revenge.

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