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How ‘jealousy’ turned out to be ‘destructive’ for a 2-year-old kid? Read here.

By Manisha Jangir

On Monday, two women were arrested for strangling their 2-year-old nephew over jealousy with his mother. The incident took place at greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Both accused were siblings and identified as Pinky and Rinky.

Deputy Commissioner of police of central Noida, Harish Chander said that the child was killed on September 29 by his two aunts and later they covered his body with a blanket. After that, they hid the body in a wardrobe inside the house.

The child was missing from September 29. The family approached the local Police station at Suraj Pur, where a missing complaint was lodged and a probe was taken up. On the same night, his body was recovered from the wardrobe of the house. He was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctor declared him dead and stated asphyxiation as the cause, the officer said. When the matter was investigated further, they both were interrogated based on evidence. They both were arrested when they confessed to killing the child.

The incident took place when both accused went to their parent's house. Both sisters, around 30 years of age, told Police that they were upset with the child’s mother, Sapna and didn't like her. He was the wife of their brother and they didn't like her attitude towards them. They were jealous of her as their brother always took her side and he often taunted both of them on various issues. This reason gave rise to the hatred among them that resulted in such an extreme step taken by both of them.

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