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How quarrel over distribution resulted in murder? Read here!

By Manisha Jangir

On Thursday, a decomposed body of a 21-year- old man was found in the sewage tank of an MCD school in the east of Kalyanpuri in Delhi. The deceased has been identified as Aslam and he was a resident of a slum cluster in khichripur.

Police said that a 19-year-old boy named Noor, who was an associate of Aslam has been arrested for killing him. He is also a native of khichripur slum area. According to the Police Aslam and Noor planned to steal lights from the school and later sell them to earn money. On Monday night they both had gone to school to steal street lights from the school. They climbed the tree and jumped over the boundary wall of the school. After stealing the lights, while discussing the profit, both quarrelled and the duo started fighting over the distribution of stolen goods. During the fight, Noor reportedly pushed him off the roof and he fell which resulted in his death.

Not only Noor but along with him a security guard of the school also has been arrested for helping him in disposing of the body. The security guard has been identified as Rajkumar Bharti and he is 39 years old. He spotted the body and feared that he may lose his job as it all happened when he was on duty. So he helped Noor in disposing of the body in the sewage tank using a plastic sheet and immediately cleaned the spot. A murder case has been registered at Kalyanpuri police station after the decomposed body was found in the tank. The school had informed the police after the foul smell was arising from the tank. Seven street lights and materials which were used in disposing of the body have been found, Police said.

When police questioned Aslam’s family, his mother informed them that he was last seen on Monday with his friend Noor Mohammad who also lived in the neighbourhood. Police went in search of Noor and arrested him.

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