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Huge women-led protests in Poland!

By Anwesha Dash

People, mostly women have taken to the streets to protest against a recent law banning abortions in Poland.

Poland faces its largest protests in the history of the said nation because of tightening the abortion law. According to the new law, almost all abortions are to be banned, not even special cases are to be granted a respite from the law. The disregard of a woman's choice involving her own body has enraged people all over the country. Nearly 150,000 demonstrators took to the streets to condemn the decision of the court. Even with such large numbers of people participating, the protests have been comparatively "peaceful" as attested by the spokesperson of the Warsaw Police department.

On 22nd October the top court of Poland decided to make abortions due to fetal deformities or defects unlawful. Hence, now a fetus can be aborted on two grounds: if pregnancy is fatal or dangerous to the mother's life or if the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest. Following these announcements, there have been nationwide protests for the last nine days consecutively.

As a result of the protests the Polish President, Andrzej Duda has softened towards the ban and has proposed an amendment that will legalize abortion if in prenatal tests it was found a high probability that the infant will be born still or will be carrying an incurable disease and death is inevitable. He also said that abortion should not be legalized in case a child has Down syndrome.

In Poland, according to statistics abortions due to fetal defects comprise 98% of all legal abortions. And Poland has the strictest abortion law in all of Europe as it is, so this ban will take away a very important ground of human rights for Polish women.

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