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Hurricane Laura: Hundreds & thousands of residents Evacuate in the US coast

By Suvan Bose

On Tuesday, in the largest US evacuation of the pandemic disease, more than half a million people in the Gulf Coast were ordered to evacuate as Laura strengthen into a hurricane said by the forecasters that with ferocious winds, heavy flooding and the power to push seawater miles inland, it could hit Texas and Louisiana.

Higher than 385,000 residents were informed to evacuate the Texas cities of Galveston, Port Arthur and Beaumont and in addition 200,000 were informed to evacuate low-lying Calcasieu Parish in southwestern Louisiana, even though forecasters told as much as 13 feet (4 meters) of storm surge topped by waves could submerge the entire communities.

Projected by the National Hurricane Center that Laura would carry energy from warm Gulf waters and turn into a Category 3 hurricane before making landfall late Wednesday or early Thursday, with winds close to 115 mph (185 kph). The strengthening might slow or stop just before landfall, said by forecasters.

The evacuations might even get bigger if the storm's track diverts to the east or west, said by Craig Fugate the former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Worrying that people may not evacuate in time, Edwards told those in southwest Louisiana need to be where they aim to ride out Laura by noon Wednesday when the state will begin to feel the storm's effects.

According to Texas Officials, they insisted people to stay with their relatives or in hotel rooms to prevent spreading the virus that causes Covid-19. Buses were stored with protective equipment and disinfectant, and they would transport fewer passengers to keep people apart.

A centre of the US energy industry was endangered by the storm. The government mentioned 84% of Gulf oil production and an estimated 61% of natural gas productions were closed down. Practically 300 platforms have been evacuated.

Laura went through Cuba after killing approximately two dozen people on the island of Hispaniola, including 20 in Haiti and three in the Dominican Republic, where it caused power cuts and excessive flooding. The deaths allegedly included a 10-year-old girl whose home was hit by a tree and a mother and her young son crushed by a collapsing wall. Officials in Huston asked residents to arrange supplies in case they lose power for some days or need to evacuate homes ahead of the coast.

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