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"I feel the need. The need for speed." Will the audience appreciate Tom Cruise's comeback?

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Top Gun which was a 1986 film directed by Tony Scott starring Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchelle, Kelly McGillis as Charlotte Charlie Blackwood, Anthony Edwards as LTJG Nick Goose Bradshaw.

After a good 34 wait, the audience which includes all the people from back in the day and today's audience will get what they have been waiting for the longest time. Top Gun: Maverick which is the second sequel of the first Top Gun of 1986. The movie is to be released in the year 2021. The cast will not be the same. Very few from the first film will be part of this 2021 film. Tom Cruise will play the lead as Maverick and there is very little or no chance that his on-screen girlfriend in Top Gun 1 aka Charlotte will rejoin him.

John Hamm who will be a part of the film has admitted that he was allowed to see a cut of the film and he was very impressed and expects the audience to be impressed as well. In the next sequel of Top Gun Maverick is seen giving training to the Top Gun graduates which will lead to giving a big sacrifice. Hamm expressed how different, nervous, and yet excited Cruise must be feeling being on the same set, same costumes just different times. Hamm guessed that the fans might as well like the 2021 film more than the 1986 one. The few aerial shots that went viral have blown people's minds.

The audience can't wait for Maverick to be back on screen after 34 years. Top Gun: Maverick will be a journey of nostalgia, excitement and so much more. Stay Tuned for More!

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