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''I won't survive'' - Terrifying case of Balrampur

By Manisha Jangir

As the nation was protesting and demanding justice for the 19-year-old Hathras rape victim, another rape case has been reported in Balrampur. On Tuesday a 22 years old college student was brutally gang-raped and killed in Gaisari village of Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. On Tuesday, a second-year B. Com. student went to her college to pay fees. On her way back 3-4 men kidnapped her. After that, they injected and raped her. She came back home in a rickshaw in an unconscious state, her legs and spine were broken. She looked dazed and in a serious condition, she was taken to the hospital but she died on the way. According to her mother, she was unable to speak and could only manage to say, ''I am in a lot of pain. I won't survive.'' They sent her back in a rickshaw.

Balrampur police registered a case after the victim's brother filed a complaint. Police arrested the two accused Sahil and Shahid on charges of rape and murder. Police said that she was raped in the backroom of the grocery store where her sandals were found. The owner of the grocery store is the mastermind of the crime. But the reports of legs and back being broken have not been confirmed by the post-mortem report. While narrating the incident, the Superintendent of Police Dev Rajan Verma said, ''The family reported that their daughter didn't return on time. They tried to contact her but couldn't reach. Soon After some time, In an unconscious state, she reached home in a rickshaw with a glucose drip attached to her arm.''

During the investigation, it has also been found that they (accused) tried to get the victim treated after raping her. They called a nearby doctor to examine her but he grew suspicious and refused to look at her in absence of a guardian. The doctor reported that Sahil (accused) came to him around 5 pm and took him to his uncle's shop. They told the doctor to examine a patient from their family. When he reached there, he asked about the woman and they told him that she was the daughter of a government secretary. When the doctor refused to treat her in absence of any guardian, they asked him to go back to his clinic and said that they would call the secretary and get her to his clinic.

The doctor also claimed that the drip was not attached when he saw her. He added, ''when I reached there she was lying on the sofa and was suffering from stomach pain. I told her, I can't treat her in her guardian's absence.” Her last rites were performed just after the postmortem late night by 10:30 pm.