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Important Facebook's announcement

The social media ruling company Facebook announced on Wednesday that all the job holders and employees at Facebook will now be able to work from Home till July, 2021.

It means all the employees will now work from their Home for about another year. Additionally, they will be paid 1000 dollars per month for their essential needs and requirements.

As per report, after the pandemic compromised the work environment, about 48,000 employees at Facebook are serving from Home since March 2020.

Earlier, Company had announced the policy of ‘Work from Home' to be implemented till December only. But as per latest announcement the implementation of the same has been increased to the next summers July, 2021.

Facebook had earlier also shown the interest in providing permanent ‘work from home' jobs.

A report from a famous publication house of USA suggests that the Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had already said that the company will provide the liberty of working from home if employees do not wish to serve by attending office at silicon valley, however, this may involve the reduction of salary.

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