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In China thousands arrested due to “virus related crimes”

By - Suvan Bose

In China, almost 5,800 people suspected of murdering health workers, being dishonest about their travel history and trading defective medical equipment have been apprehended for virus-related crimes since January, said by the state prosecutor's office.

One case concerned with a shopper that thrashed to death another customer who cautioned him to wear a mask in a supermarket.

More cases included a person who intentionally mowed down medical workers with a car, and another person was arrested for pounding a health inspector with a dagger while monitoring temperatures.

Few have also been charged with filching money collected from fundraisers to support coronavirus patients, trading defective medical equipment and being dishonest about their health condition or travel history.

On Thursday, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate that “From January to July, 5,797 people were arrested and 6,755 were prosecuted.”

The statement did not designate about how many people were still in confinement or whether few had already been convicted.

China has broadly brought the escalation of the novel coronavirus under control, since it first arose in the central city of Wuhan in December 2019 with rigid lockdowns, close monitoring of neighbourhoods and unsympathetic contact tracing.

The country has also arranged a range of Smartphone apps to track the location of people to instantly identify possible cases.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in cinemas, supermarkets, or on public transport, and a lot choose to wear one while outdoors as well, as to protect against the virus.

In recent days, China has not revealed any locally transmitted infections.

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