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In different occurrences, find out how two men in UP got involved in the rite surrendering!

By Neha Mallick

Two ridiculous incidents of rite surrender have taken place in Uttar Pradesh where a man cut off his tongue and another man slashed his throat as a sacrifice to God.

The first incident happened when a man aged around 22 years old cut off his tongue at a temple in Baberu area’s temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhati village. The station house officer of Baberu area said that the victim Atma Ram arrived at the temple on Saturday. He slashed his tongue as an offering to God. The man was immediately taken to the hospital and his condition was quite stable. According to the victim’s father, the man wasn't mentally healthy and he had been examining the Navratri rituals and supposedly got deluded to commit such actions.

In the second incident, a man around 49 years old tried to end his own life as a part of a ritual of offering himself at a Shiv temple in the Kurara area of Uttar Pradesh. The victim, namely Rukmani Mishra, attempted to slash his throat with a knife on a Saturday night at the Koteshwar Temple. The victim was severely injured and instantly taken to the hospital. The Superintendent of Police stated that it appeared to prevail as an act of superstition. Further investigation is ongoing.

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