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In the pretence of purgation, find out what happens to a teen girl!

By Neha Mallick

As the news report indicates, a company of infuriated women powerbrokers rushed into a man's office who supposedly operates a local newspaper and pummeled him.

A teen girl of almost 14-year-old was supposedly carnally abused in Hyderabad by a man in the pretence of purgation in Telangana’s Nizamabad district. A union of provoked women surged into a man’s office and started beating him. Few men even got included in this and started smashing the man. A video has gone all viral from this incident where the women are hitting the man with their footwears and later hauling him out of his own office, till the police came and captivated the man and took him away to the station.

The man who was hit by the activist group of women and some men is somewhere aged around 45 years old. He is suspected to practice witchcraft and Blackmagic and alleged to deliver ancient remedies for illness. Turns out, with the pretentious offer of curing illness with the help of witchcraft and blind beliefs, he took advantage of a 14-year-old girl and carnally abused her in his office property itself. He even terrorized the little girl to not speak of it to anyone, lest he will have her parents killed.

The teenage girl was brought to the fraud in July for certain medication procedures of her health issues, which included her constantly tormented body. She was given a few medications and her mother was asked by the man to bring her down to him every week to treat her illness. The incident came to notice on 8th of October when the girl visited a doctor with her mother for her stomach ache and the doctor came to know of her genital infection. On being asked, she finally revealed her getting sexually abused by the 45-year-old man.

While the initial inquiry was ongoing, it got disclosed that the culprit had been alleging to provide treatment for different illnesses through procedures of witchcraft, and purgation along with the ancient medications that he claimed to have learnt from his elder family members. After the FIR was filed, the police even enrolled a lawsuit on matters of infidelity, sexual assault under relevant IPC clauses in opposition of the accused man, who is currently being inquired. The teenage girl has been moved to an infirmary for medical analysis to demonstrate if she was pregnant.

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