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India Crosses 5 Million Cases, Latest Million Recorded In 11 Days

By Jahanbee Gupta

India has been reporting the highest number of daily cases globally since August 7. India crossed five million COVID-19 cases after it reported 90,123 new cases in the last 24 hours. It took the country only 11 days to report 10 lakh new cases. India has been reporting the highest daily-spike in cases globally since August 7. The country is 15 lakh cases away from the US' total case count.

In terms of mortality, India reported an average of 1168 deaths daily in the past seven days raising the country's death toll to 82,066. US and Brazil have over 1,95,542 and 1,33,119 deaths and occupy the top two positions in the number of COVID-19 deaths.

It took the country 169 days to report the first million but the difference in the number of days in reporting the subsequent four million cases has only been decreasing. India crossed the two million case- marks after recording the new million cases in 22 days. The next million cases were reported in 16 days as the country breached the three million mark. It took the country 13 days to deport the fourth million while the fifth came in 11 days.

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