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India crosses one lakh COVID deaths, the road so far and the one ahead!

By Sharonya Kundu

India has crossed the significant statistic of one lakh deaths caused by the novel coronavirus and the continuing pandemic.

n terms of absolute numbers, the figure is appalling. In terms of deaths per million, we get along streets ahead in international standing. Karnataka has reported the third-highest number of deaths at 8,994. The death numbers reaching the grim milestone is set to reflect in the Centre’s official tally released on Saturday morning. Of the total deaths, the highest — 37,490 — have been reported in Maharashtra followed by Tamil Nadu which has seen 9,586 deaths so far. Globally, India, so far, has the third-highest Covid-19 deaths after the United States which has reported over 2 lakh deaths, and Brazil where 1.4 lakh deaths have been registered. The deaths in India are still growing at a rate of 1.1 percent even though the overall case fatality rate has been declining and has now reached 1.6 percent.

The Centre has been stressing that the overall case management has improved in most parts of the country due to better clinical management and prompt response of the health systems. Meanwhile, researchers at McGill University in Canada said an effective vaccine is not likely to be available for the public before the fall of 2021.

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