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India got 96,000 virus cases

By Jahanbee Gupta

There were a complete 96,551 confirmed cases, taking the tally to over 4.56 million. The Health Ministry on Friday also reported another 1,209 deaths for a total of 76,271.

India has the second-highest caseload behind us, where quite 6.39 million people are confirmed as infected. The Health Ministry has asked states to permit testing on-demand without a doctor’s prescription. It also said some negative rapid antigen tests should be redone through the more reliable RT-PCR method, the gold standard of coronavirus tests that appears for the ordering of the virus.

The retesting order applied to people that had negative results but had a fever, coughing, or breathlessness, or those that developed the COVID-19 symptoms within three days of their negative test results. The order was meant to make sure that infected people didn't go undetected and to assist check the spread of the disease among their contacts.

Using the rapid antigen, or viral protein, tests have allowed India to dramatically increase its testing capacity to quite 1.1 million each day, but the quicker, cheaper test is a smaller amount reliable, and retesting is usually recommended.

The directive came as 60% of India's cases are reported from only five of the country's 28 states. However, experts caution that India’s outbreak is entering a more dangerous phase because the virus spreads to smaller towns and villages.

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