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India had the highest numbers of daily new COVID-19 cases within the past week

By Jahanbee Gupta

India’s total recovered cases cross 32.5 lakh, case casualty rate dropped off to a replacement low of 1.70 %; five states contribute 60 % of cumulative cases. As per WHO’s latest weekly COVID-19 epidemiological report for the week ending September 6, the South-East Asia Region continued to point out the very best increase in new COVID-19 cases within the past week, compared to the previous week, with over 600 000 new cases reported.

Within the South-East Asia Region, India continues to report a high number of latest cases, with a mean of roughly 81582 cases per day, the very best number of daily new cases within the past week. In Myanmar, cases have shown a marked increase of nearly 87 % within the past seven days.

Cumulatively, nearly 27 million COVID-19 cases and 900 000 deaths are reported to WHO so far. Over 1.8 million new cases and 37 000 new deaths were reported for the week ending September 6, a five % increase within the number of cases and a 2 % decrease within the number of deaths compared to the previous week (24 to 30 August).

A weekly increase within the number of latest reported cases was seen within the European and Eastern Mediterranean Regions, while the African and Western Pacific Regions declined in both cases and deaths compared with last week. The Region of America has seen a 1 % increase in reported cases, but a four % decrease in deaths, and continues to hold the very best burden of the disease globally, accounting for nearly half all new cases reported within the past seven days.

As per data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India’s total recovered cases have crossed 32.5 lakh, with 69,564 patients being discharged within the last 24 hours. This has resulted within the recovery rate touching 77.31 %, while the case death rate declined to a replacement low of 1.70 % as of September 7 data.

The five states in India contributing 60 % of total cases (Maharashtra at the highest with 21.6 %, Tamil Nadu (11.0 %), Karnataka (9.5 %), and Uttar Pradesh (6.3 %). The same five states also contribute 62 % of total active cases in almost an equivalent order: Maharashtra contributed 26.76 % of the active cases within the country, pursued by Andhra Pradesh (11.30 %), Karnataka (11.25 %), Uttar Pradesh (6.98 %) and Tamil Nadu (5.83 %).

The total number of recoveries stands quite 32.5 lakh (32,50,429), with an equivalent five states together contributing 57 % of the recoveries within the last 24 hours. Andhra Pradesh recorded the very best recoveries with 11915 newly recovered cases. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh witnessed 5820 and 4779 new recoveries while Karnataka and Maharashtra saw 9575 and 7826 recoveries.

The country also recorded nearly five crore total tests (4,95,51,507), with the daily testing capacity reportedly crossing 11.70 lakh. As of September 7 data, 7,20,362 tests were conducted within the last 24 hours, 1,33,33,904 tests within the last fortnight.

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