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India to do this in Navy field

The Indian Navy is soon planning to buy 10 shipborne drones in order to increase potential and power in the Indian Ocean around International Borders. The drones will help to monitor the enemy's activities in the sea. The Navy wants to buy them as soon as possible. The proposal to buy the same has been made by the army officials in the immediate effect.

The proposal of buying 10 shipborne drones shall account to a total sum of 1240 crore rupees.

After, China started to create nuisances at the border, the tensions of illegal invasions and other issues have warmed up in the armed forces.

Thus, to an eye over China and its moves, 10 drones are to be bought by the Indian Navy.

The proposal is presented to the Defence Ministry.

The existing drones with the Navy are being updates and upgraded with modern scientific features under an uograde programme.

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