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India will stand strategically against China

By Kunika Chaudhary

After the meeting with Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe in Moscow, Rajnath Singh reached Iran with another strategic plan to stand for India.

China has been trying to invade India for almost the last four months. It's tactics to claim land will not get him anything. Rajnath Singh proved this in a recently held meeting with the Chinese defence minister. Wei Fenghe. India's defence minister made his stand clear that India will not give up on its land at any cost. This was the first meeting after China tried to invade India several times and kidnapped 5 Indians who were living at Arunachal Pradesh's border. Arunachal Pradesh Police are investigating the matter about kidnapping for now. When China didn't have hope so, it tried to convince India for having a meeting regarding the whole situation. This was revealed by Mr Wei Fenghe that he wanted this meeting from the last 80 days and tried to talk to Rajnath Singh about this thrice. We are not able to get any decision from this meeting even though this meeting lasted about 2 hours and 20 minutes as informed by the defence ministry of India.

After this meeting and a concluding 3-day tour of Russia, Rajnath Singh left for Iran.

His sudden visit to Iran can be harmful to China. A tweet said that India's defence minister reached Tehran and will meet Iran's defence minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami.

He is there to resolve the issues of the Persian Gulf in a dialogue manner as India is really concerned about this issue. By addressing his combined meeting with defence ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States member states and SCO, Collective Security Treaty Organisation he said that they called the Indian friendly countries in the Persian Gulf region, to solve their differences in dialogue-based matters with sovereignty, mutual respect, and without interfering in internal affairs of each other.

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