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Indian American to play a crucial role in US elections?

By Kunika Chaudhary

In this election, India and Indian - Americans are playing an important role in the US election 2020. From the policies, camp, sign, and trade. US election 2020 is somehow revolving around India.

The United States has seen many issues that are coming out in light now. Inequality and Racism and international relations are one of those major issues. From the start of the US election 2020, both political parties tried to attract the Indian-American vote to their side. On one hand where Donald Trump initiated a campaign by adding a clip of PM Modi in his promotional video. Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. tried to show their good relations with India's Prime Minister from time to time.

On other hand, Biden initiated a campaign with his running mate Kamala Harris who herself belongs to half the Indian community. As per the speculations this community is supporting Democratic candidates. According to a survey which was conducted around 72 % of the Indian American community is supporting former vice President Joe where Trump is getting the support of only 22% of Indian American citizens.As both parties are keeping this community in the top priority sector so it can be estimated that this community will play a crucial role in this election process.

India was also a part of a controversy when Trump claimed Indian Air as 'filthy' under the segment of ' climate change ' in his last presidential debate with Joe Biden. To this Biden replied that none talk about their friend like that. This election is important to India as well. In the last few years, India's relation with America has improved and we have become more connected to the US in terms of economical trade. India is paying attention to this major election as well. 3 November is the last day for the voting and the US will get to know their representative for the coming term soon. Till now around 100 million have already voted. This shows the excitement and dedication people have to select their future President and Vice President.

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