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Indian Nurse awarded Singapore's President Award

A 59-year-old Indian origin nurse, resident of Singapore was awarded the President's Award for her service in the heavy time of Pandemic. She served as the frontliner and did her work to the fullest. Kala Narayanasamy is among the five nurses who received this award.

All the five nurses were awarded the same along with a signed certificate by the President Haleem Yaqub and a total sum equivalent to $7228 has also been presented to her.

She used her prior knowledge and experience in this Pandemic time that she learned during the time of SARS (2002).

She is fully devoted to her role and job and also encourages fellow nurses to be fully servicing towards the diseased. She believes nursing shall never let down its pursuers in the coming times and would pay back the appropriate reward.

Netizens have been praising her since the news came out.

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