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Instagram may charge a fee for activating links in the caption

By Tanisha Jindal

Instagram, one of the greatest social media platforms, over the years have gone all commercial. From pesky advertisements in the newsfeed to influencers’ unapologetic brand promotions, Instagram is leaving no stone unturned to monetize the platform. The company is now looking to further monetize by charging users to add links in a photo caption. It is worth noticing that Instagram does not permit users to put a link in photo captions. Users depend on other alternatives such as “link in bio” or use URL shorteners. Instagram also only allows users with a verified tick or having at least 10,000 followers to put in links in their Stories.

As per a Protocol report, Instagram has applied for a patent that discloses a fresh functionality that is the app asks for a fee to activate a link in a caption. The patent indicates that the app could charge up to $2 to facilitate the link. The pop-up will occur when the app perceives the caption has an URL. Referring to the patent application, If the online system inspects the text content of the caption includes a string of link text identifying an address, the online system urges the user to pay a certain amount of fee for generating a link.

The new patent application comes at a moment when Instagram is looking forward to levelling up its competition to rival TikTok. The Facebook-owned company has already introduced and integrated TikTok-like Reels on its platform. Facebook, in the meanwhile, is working to add functionality that will allow users to see Instagram Stories directly from the Facebook app. Facebook has already commenced incorporating Instagram’s in-app messaging feature with Messenger.

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