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iPhone 11 will be now ‘Made In India', Making shifts from China to Chennai

As per the latest reports, one of the best seller phones of Apple, iPhone 11 will now be assembled in Chennai, India. The company had already said that they were in a plan to increase the manufacture and production of their products in India.

The earlier production and assembling was carried out in China.

This decision of Apple will directly affect the prices of the phone making it cheaper for the Indian public. By the manufacture, Apple will no further have to pay 22% of Import Duty which shall cut the pricing of the phone more than ₹10,000.

This step will invite the future investments of Apple in our country when the Indo-China relations are shaky.

Apple has also signed a contract with a company in order to manufacture the model of iPhone SE 2020 in India itself.

The company to manufacture iPhone 11 is Foxconn having the unit in Chennai on the other hand Wistron company has the unit near Bangalore which shall manufacture iPhone SE 2020 model.

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