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IPL 2020: a suspicious approach to a player, informs ACU immediately!

By S Sai Jagannath

A player who's currently playing the ongoing IPL in UAE recently reported about "suspicious behaviour". After receiving the report, BCCI's anti-corruption unit was put on high alert(ACU). The ongoing edition of IPL is happening in UAE due to the current pandemic, the players are put in a biosecure habitat which curtails the chances of anyone with questionable identity approaching the players literally. But the threat remains the same due to the large network of online corruptors. Ajit Singh, BCCI ACU chief confirmed the development to PTI.

When asked about the situation he said: "We are tracking him, it will take some time". Due to the anti-corruption protocols, any further information about the player or franchise hasn't been demonstrated. Unlike other editions of IPL, in this edition players are kept in a biosecure bubble. Nowadays, as most of the young players are on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where various disingenuous attempts on players are made very frequently, BCCI is concentrating more on the online networks.

A BCCI official said that all the players including International capped and uncapped have attended multiple online sessions regarding the anti-corruption protocols and all the eight teams have been given counselling organised by the BCCI. BCCI has tied up with a UK company which will deliver its integrity services to prevent betting and corruption in upcoming IPL matches.

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