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IPL points table is literally the biggest change of 2020!

By S Sai Jagannath

2020 has provoked various reversals but believe me, the IPL points table surely stands among the top. IPL is the world's wealthiest and most popular cricket competition with players playing from all around the globe. The tournament was started back in 2008 to add a new and advanced dimension to the Indian cricket. As T20 format was the new inaugurated format with limited-overs and spicy cricket, IPL was thereupon a T20 tournament bringing tons of spectators and all cricket playing nations together on one field.

But this edition of IPL has brought a new variety and few limitations. The team's as always have put their best eleven on the field but the results are astonishing. Dhoni-led CSK is the most successful team in the IPL with 3 trophies, 8 runner-ups and 10 playoff qualifications followed by MI with 4 trophies. CSK is often known to subjugate the tournament from the very first game already declaring themselves as strong contenders. But 2020 has knocked down CSK to hover in the bottom four with only two wins out of the 5 matches which are as unusual as a cyclone in Delhi.

DC who is known to be not so successful team in the IPL seems to soak up all the good from 2020 climbing into the top 3 with 4 wins in 5 games and looking optimistic about their chances of winning the title. MI brings almost as big a change a CSK but only this time it's in the favour of the team in blue with 4 wins in 6 games, which usually is 2 wins in 6 games, and considering that this is an even year and MI have always won their titles in odd years (2013,2015,2017,2019) it looks like they have found their perfect eleven to attain their fifth title.

And probably the most shocking change is to see RCB in the top three as they're not welcomed very often. With RCB winning 3 out of the 5 games in the tournament although with a lot of controversies they have managed to win 3 games and believe me as I write this article I am sure Kohli is looking at the points table making himself believe that it is for real. KKR and RR standing in 4th and 7th position currently, continue to search for their perfect 11 to win matches convincingly while SRH seems to follow their trait of balancing their team as they go through the competition to confirm their seat in the playoffs. KXIP seems to stay true to their habit despite so many mishappenings with a very promising team on the paper but losing it all on the field as they register only 1 win out of the five.

Despite such changes, MI looks the strongest of all followed by inexperienced yet confident DC. CSK and SRH promise to get stronger but not if RCB and KKR find their rhythm whereas RR and KXIP don't have much to offer but you never know what could happen.

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